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Jewish Military Mafia's embassise shut down, so wonderfully!..


TruthTeller Poets are Anti-SemiteProtest Poetry; volume: poETICA pax la HUMANA

Antifada Coalition of poets: "poetica for peace&literature for moral and ethical responsibility" HONORED HUMAN-BEING MUST BE ANTI-SEMITE, AS LONG AS... long as the bloodsuckers are the traditionally enemies of mankind/
what we still testimony that they are the most n-o-n-s-e-n-s-e f-a-s-c-i-s-t c-r-e-a-t-u-r-e-s.../
as long as they use "Big Brother" as a kind of "Big Bulldog"/
as long as they use the United Nations as a special condom during/
endless violence against the communities worldwide/
as long as they insist to accuse the poor Muslims,/
although the usually instruments of imperialism issued the famous plot on JF Kennedy/
and WTC on 9th September 2001,/
as long as Zionism is a form of performed racism, ultra fascism/
as long as their main form of knowledge is a foolish manipulation of history/
as long as the Zionist occupational mafia use the U.S. as terrorist state instrument/
as long as "all your property is theft", stolen from Germany, Palestine/
and now from Iraq/
as long as USrael is a fascist colonial mafia/
at the occupied home of Mediterranean peoples/
as long as they continue to destroy the brotherhood,/
the "world peace", happy songs of children,/
positive dreams on future and "anti-war resolutions"/
as long as they produce historical lies against all the big profiles of human-being/
like Lenin, Che Guevara, Josef Stalin,/
Kim Il Yung, Adolf Hitler, Ho Shi Minh, Mao Zedung/
and all the heroes who never accepted to be corrupted member/
of fake lobbies by your "imperialist Godfather"/
as long as Zionist lobbies&collaborated "official criminals" support/
all kind of terrorism/
as long as they attack the working class, work unions, church,/
they manipulate and provoke our organizations,/
our communities who titled "Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist,"/
or any other revolutionary initiatives/
as long as their "corporate ruling chiefs" try to dominate world/
as long as they drive sabotages against all cultures and equality laws/
as long as their boss use all dirty methods/
for exploitation enormous power/
for instance the fanatical Jews&collaborated "lapdogs"/
are in control of the United States, a "medial-mania animalia" betrayed people/
as long as primary form of democracy involves large assassination/
likely to "cleansing" Martin Luther King, J. F. Kennedy,/
Patrice Lumumba, Olof Palme,/
and Work Unions' leaders like Moffa/
as long as they would rather watch people starving/
meanwhile they admire mostly karthels, holdings,/
stock exchange and food trade monopolies.../
as long as they use human-being as their imprisoned laboratory animals/
during your genetically modification researches/
as long as they threaten all kind of civilizations/
by nuclear power that their father Ariel Sharon settled in Dimona and around it/
as long as they drive mass corrupt/
by any regimes who accept to drive their projects/
like "democratic masked" censorship and neo-"McCarthyism"/
as long as they massacre the peoples/
like poor Afghanistan, Iraq, Balkans, Palestine, Syria/
and use collaborated dictatorships like Chile, Argentina/
which slaughtered its own people by your financial support/
as long as they drive the insanity sanctions/
for instance ongoing sanctions against poor Cuba,/
wrecked Middle East, Balkans, Middle Asia, Somalia, North Korea/
as long as they produce new torture instruments,/
demolishing the buildings, civilization been stolen,/
nature deserved, children cry without medicine,/
looting goes on in the "Americanized testing areas"/
as long as they use foxy channels,/
hired mass-medial scoundrels who systematically lying by their side/
as long as truth is antisemitic/ after all such cases, ongoing crimes against humanity /
civilization must response these masked enemies/
and profits behind this dirtiness/
civil courage is a ground duty of civilization/

written by Andrea Collins



'The Arab awakening began not in Tunisia this year, but in Lebanon in 2005'

By Robert Fisk 15 April 2011

Legal Note: Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has responded to the allegations concerning him contained in this article and we have published a clarification, which incorporates his comments.

First, to reports from the revolutionary front lines in Syria, in the same imperfect, but brave, English in which they were written less than 24 hours ago...

"Yesterday morning I went to the square to demonstrate, I arranged it with guys on Facebook, I don't know them, but we share the same ambition of freedom, that night I was awake until 6am watching the news, it was horrible what's happening in Syria, the security forces slaughter people as if aniamals !!!...

"I wore my clothes and went to (the) sq. there was about 150 security service in civilian cloths in street calling for Assad's life [ie praising Assad] and one taxi car the driver was driving against the cars to stop them moving in street, I am not sure if he was revolutionizing or just empty the street for security service!, it was crazy, I was angry that they are calling for the dictator's life and want keep him running Syria like he doing.

"They were looking around at every man in street if he doesn't call for president's life they beat him and arrest him, of course I didn't call for his life and I took my phone and started taking video to show the world who's calling for this dictator, his gang! 2 guys were running infront of the demonstration they are revoluter but they had to run with this gang until freedom seekers arrive from ommayad mosque, those 2 guys told me not to take video and hide my phone.

"I hid it in my pocket but suddenly about 40 men from secutiry came to me, they started shoulting 'he is taking video, he is taking video!!' 5 guys hold me (like when they arrest someone) and started beating me...another 7 attacked me, they took my phone, my ID and my money and other 7 guys attack me, they said why are you taking video bastard??

"'We will kill you all enemies of assad, Syria belongs to assad not to you bastard people!!' Immediately I said: 'I am with you guys!! We all follow president assad even to death!' they said then why are you taking video?'

"I said 'because I am happy there is demonstration calling for the greatest leader assad...'"

"There was one man (looks like officer) caught me and slapped me and he was the last one in this fake demonstration which calls for assad life..."

The second report:
"Assad is lying I assure you! There is more than 6000 political prisoner in Syria so what does let 260 free mean?!!...they said the emergency law to be lifted BUT they will create new law against terrorism, which will be worse than emergency law we are sure!

"They said they will fight the corruption, do you think that Assad will arrest his cousin Rami Makhlouf, his brother Maher Assad, his uncle zo al himma shaleesh, will Assad arrest all his family, take their money and give it back to us??...the gang in Lattakia are Alawiyeen gang belong to Assad family we all know them in Syria they are called shapeeha, the people in Lattakia were demonstrating against the government and afterwards the secret service, police and army brought these shapeeha to scare people and kill them.

"In Syria we are not demonstrating for food or money, we want to change the whole system and hang all Assad family..."

This is raw stuff, the voice of popular and young fury that will not be quenched by torture rooms and the cosh. Both Syrian men escaped arrest though one has now had to flee his country but their accounts tell a grindingly familiar story from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya... The fake pro-government demonstration, the promiscuous use of secret police violence, the popular knowledge of corruption and the production of plain-clothes regime thugs "baltagi" in Cairo, where Mubarak used them, which literally means "thugs" and the sectarianisation of suppression (the "Alawiyeen" in Lattakia are Alawi (Shia) gangs from the sect to which the Assad family belongs.

And now the regime in Damascus is claiming that Lebanon is one of the outside powers sewing discord in the "Um al-Arabia Wahida", the mother of the Arab nation, specifically the Lebanese March 14 Alliance of the outgoing Lebanese Sunni prime minister Saad Hariri, whose principal opponents are the Lebanese Shia Muslim Hezbollah party and their allies.

See how easy it is to create a "sectarian" war in Syria and then infect your neighbour with the virus?

These are not idle words. Revolutions don't start with dramatic incidents the self-immolation of an unemployed Tunisian, the destruction of a Coptic church however dramatic these tragedies may be.

In reality, the "Arab awakening" began not in Tunisia this year, but in Lebanon in 2005 when, appalled by the assassination of ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri (Saad's father), hundreds of thousands of Lebanese of all faiths gathered in central Beirut to demand the withdrawal of Syria's 20,000 soldiers in the country.

Bachar made a pitiful speech in Damascus, abusing the demonstrators, suggesting that live television cameras were using "zooms" to exaggerate the number of the crowds.

But the UN passed a resolution a no-soldier zone, rather than a no-fly zone, I suppose which forced the Syrian military to leave.

This was the first "ousting" of a dictator, albeit from someone else's country, by the popular Arab "masses" which had hitherto been an institution in the hands of the dictators.

Yet I recall at the time that none of us including myself, who had lived in Lebanon for decades realised how deeply the Syrian claws had dug into the red soil of Lebanon over the previous 29 years. Syria's Lebanese stooges remained in place. Their "mukhabarat" security police simply re-emerged in transmogrified form.

Their political murders continued at whirlwind speed. I spent days chasing from the scene of one car bomb or hit-job to another. This is what terrifies the demonstrators of all the nations struggling to throw off their brutal and often American-supported masters. Field Marshal Tantawi, the head of the Egyptian army, for example, is now running Egypt. Yet he is not only a close friend of America but a childhood and lifelong friend of Mubarak, who was allowed to whinge the usual ex-dictator's self-congratulatory excuses on al-Arabia television ("my reputation, my integrity and my military and political record") prior to his own questioning and inevitable emergency entry into hospital. When the latest Tahrir Square crowds also called for Tantawi's resignation, the field marshal's mask slipped. He sent in his troops to "cleanse" the square.

When the Iranians, in their millions, demonstrated against Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's dodgy presidential election results in June of 2009, many members of the "green" movement in Tehran asked me about the 2005 Lebanese revolution against Syria dubbed the "Cedar Revolution" by the US State Department, a clich that never really caught on among the Lebanese themselves and while there was no direct political connection, there was undoubtedly an inspirational junction; two sets of tracks of the same gauge which reinforced the idea that the youth of Tehran and Beirut belonged to the same transport system of humanity and freedom.

Of course, there were many in the Middle East Muslim world who hoped the security forces could be won over to their side. In Cairo, individual soldiers did join the revolution on a large scale, in Yemen but wolves do not turn into pussycats. And despite one obvious historical example in the region it is unrealistic to expect anyone to save the world by walking towards their own crucifixion. Police chiefs, however personally devout, will do as they are told even when their orders involve mass murder.

Take, for example, the Saudis. The Independent is in possession of an extraordinary and outrageous order from Prince Nayef Biu Abdul al-Saud, the Saudi minister of interior, issued on 11 March, prior to the much-feared "Hunayn Revolution" organised by Shia and Sunni intellectuals last month.

Hunayn was the name of a battle which the Prophet Mohamed won by a virtual miracle against far more powerful armies.

"To all the honourable heads of police in the areas of Riyadh, Mecca and Medina, al-Bahr, Qassim, the northern borders, Tabouq, Sharqiya, Qaseer, Najwan, Jezaan and the head of the emergency Special Forces," Nayef begins note how responsibility is neatly spread across the entire network of the "mukhabarat" "previous to our conversations regarding the so-called 'Hunayn Revolution' if indeed it exists with its single goal of threatening our national security: this group of stray individuals spreads evil throughout the land. Do not show them mercy. Strike them with iron fists. It is permitted for all officers and personnel to use live rounds. This is your land and this is your religion. If they want to change that or replace it, you must respond. We give thanks to you and good luck!"

This outrageous order which, mercifully, did not have to be obeyed was well-known to the Americans, who have so bitterly condemned the Assad regime's brutality in Syria but who, in this case of course, uttered not a bleat.

Shia, it seems, are targetable in these revolutions whether they be of the Saudi, the Bahraini, the Syrian or, indeed, the Lebanese variety.

Prince Nayef's instruction is worthy of investigation by the International Criminal Court at the Hague he orders his police chiefs to shoot down unarmed demonstrators but even if his men had performed their bloody duties (and they have, in the past), he is safe. Saudi Arabia is one kingdom where we in the West will no more tolerate Arab "awakenings" than will the local autocrats. No wonder every Saudi carries an identity card which refers to him not as a citizen but as "al-tabieya" which means, in effect, "serf".

The odd thing about all these revolutions, of course, is that the dictators be they the Ben Alis, the Mubaraks, the Salehs, the Assads, even the al-Sauds spend more time spying on foreigners and amassing documentation of their people's transgressions than in trying to understand what their own indigenous populations actually want. Eric Rouleau, a Le Monde correspondent in Iran, who subsequently became French ambassador to Tunisia, has recounted how "General" Ben Ali, Tunisian minister of interior between 1985 and 1986, wished to acquire the very latest French communications equipment from Paris. The "pitiless 'superflic'", as Rouleau cruelly called him, trained by American intelligence in the US, had files on "everyone".

At one meeting with Rouleau, Ben Ali outlined the greatest threats to the Tunisian regime: social "unrest", tensions with a certain Colonel Gaddafi of Libya (here, one must admit a certain sympathy for Ben Ali) and most serious of all "the Islamist threat", whatever that may be. Rouleau remembered how "in a theatrical gesture, he (Ben Ali) pushed the button of a machine, which in an instant unrolled an unending list of names whom he said were under permanent surveillance. An information engineer, obsessed with technology, Mr Ben Ali did not cease to use this science of information gathering". Rouleau, who was sending back to Paris less than flattering accounts of the regime and its interior minister, was puzzled that his relations with Ben Ali declined steadily until the day he ended his mission. "On the day of my final departure from Tunisia, when I went to pay my courtesy visit to him," Rouleau was to recall, "he asked me, in a state of white-hot anger, why I regarded him as a CIA agent possessed of unstoppable ambition. And he started quoting from his files, almost word for word, my own confidential telegrams to the Quai d'Orsay... The ambassador had not escaped from the intricate workings of his spy centre."

Ben Ali could penetrate the French embassy, but as president he simply failed to learn about his own people. There is an unforgettable photograph of the soon-to-be-deposed president as he rather tardily visits the young suicider-by-fire, Mohamed Bouazizi, as he lies dying in his hospital bed.

Ben Ali is doing his best to look concerned. The boy clearly unable to communicate. But the doctors and paramedics are watching the president rather than their patient and doing so with a tired impatience, which the president obviously does not comprehend. From small kindlings do great fires grow.

Take the first uprising against Bashar al-Assad in Deraa home to the old steam train station, by the way, in which TE Lawrence was supposedly assaulted by an Ottoman officer in the First World War where no amount of sophisticated intelligence could have forewarned the regime of what was to come. A place of historical rebellion, some youths had painted anti-Assad graffiti on a wall. The Syrian security police followed their normal practice of dragging the young men to the cop shop, beating and torturing them. But then their mothers arrived to demand their release. They were verbally abused by the police.

Then much more seriously a group of tribal elders went to see the Deraa governor to demand an explanation for the behaviour of the police.

Each placed his turban on the governor's desk, a traditional gesture of negotiation; they would only replace their turbans when the matter had been resolved. But the governor, a crusty old Baathist and regime-loyalist, took the turban of the most prestigious sheikh, threw it on the floor of his office and stamped on it.

The people of Deraa came out in their thousands to protest; the shooting started; Bashar hastily dismissed his governor and replaced him. Too late. The fire had been lit. In Tunisia, an unemployed young man who set himself alight. In Syria, a turban.

These episodes, of course, are not without their foundation of history. Just as the Hauran district, in which Deraa is situated, has always been a place of rebellion, Egypt was always the land of Gamel Abdul Nasser.

And oddly although Nasser was the originator of the military dictatorships which were to cripple Egypt his name was spoken of with respect by thousands of the demonstrators in Tahrir Square who successfully demanded Mubarak's overthrow.

This was not because they forgot his legacy but because, after decades of monarchy and British colonial rule, they regarded Nasser as the first leader who gave Egypt self-respect.

Nasser's daughter Hoda was undoubtedly right in February, when she said that "the parallel with the people's power, the spontaneous uprising that brought my father to power, especially heartens me... People thought that the youth of today are apolitical, but they proved their detractors wrong.

"My father would have been ecstatic. He would have been proud of the people who demonstrated in Tahrir Square, chanting slogans urging radical political reform and social change. Nasser remains at the core of revolutionary mythology in Egypt and the Arab world at large. That is why you saw the portraits of Nasser hoisted high in Tahrir Square." Against all this, the Libyan "revolution" is beginning to stale; its blood congealing along with the words once used about it.

The tribes we once acknowledged as a democratic opposition namely the Senussis of the old Idriss family are now called "rebels" by our press and television colleagues, the uprising is now a "civil war", an unpleasant way of reminding ourselves why we must not put "boots on the ground".

Our Tory masters especially our odious defence minister of the time invented the Bosnian "civil war" to delay our intervention in the Balkan ethnic cleansing.

Most Arab nations would be happy to see the end of Gaddafi, but he sits uneasily amid the pantheon of "revolution". Wasn't he supposed to be the original revolutionary against the corruption of King Idriss and later scourge of the West and Zionism?

Oddly, there are parallels with Syria which we and Assad may not like. For it is Syria's refusal to bend to the United States' "peace process", its unwavering support for the Hezbollah "resistance" in Lebanon which broke the Israeli army in 2006, which allows the Assad family caliphs, I suppose, by definition to claim that their independence and their refusal to bow down to US-Israeli demands constitute a long-running revolution in Syria of infinitely more importance than the street fighting gangs of Deraa, Lattakia, Banias and Douma.

Hamas maintains its head political office in Damascus. Syria remains the lung through which Iran can breathe in the Middle East; through which Iran's own president can enter Lebanon and proclaim to the horror of the Lebanese whom Bachar Assad now blames for his own country's violence that southern Lebanon is now Iran's front line against Israel.

And now let's go a little further. On 31 March, the Israelis who have steadfastly opposed the overthrow of the Middle East's dictators published a series of photo-reconnaissance pictures of southern Lebanon, supposedly marking the exact locations of 550 Hezbollah bunkers, 300 "monitoring sites" and 100 weapons storage facilities run by Syria's Lebanese Shia militia allies in the country. They had been built, the Israelis claimed, next to hospitals, schools and public utilities. The documentation was fake. Visits to locations marked on the map uncovered no such bunkers. Indeed, the real Hezbollah bunkers known to the Lebanese are not marked on the map. The Hezbollah quickly understood the meaning.

"They are setting us up for the next war," a veteran Hezbollah ruffian from the village of Jibchit told me. If Israel had really discovered our positions, the last thing they would have done is inform us they knew the locations because we'd immediately move them!"

But last week, the Turkish air force forced down an Iranian transport aircraft supposedly flying over Diyarbakir en route to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo with "auto spare parts". On board the Ilyushin-76, the Turks found 60 Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles, 14 BKC machine guns, 8,000 rounds of ammunition, 560 60-mm mortar shells and 1,288 120-mm mortar shells.

Forget Facebook. These were not part of any Arab "reawakening" or "uprising", but further supplies for the Hezbollah to use in their next conflict with Israel. All of which raises a question. Is there a better way of taking your people's minds off revolution than a new war against an enemy which has resolutely opposed the democratisation of the Arab world?

Source: Independent
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EU needs awakening! Especially Norway must close down the embasy of Jewish Mafia!

Kick out Israel from the EU institutions!

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coalition troops set heavy weapons/
thousands of marine soldiers,/
airplanes, tanks, uniformed lapdogs and bulldogs/
open and secret machines of modernized war industry/
general Shurk in Pentagon says;/
we bring democracy /
meanwhile they systematically bombed/
showed fake pictures, Ghurka-media served/
massacred civil people of Basra, Baghdad, Mosul/
like Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin /
on the blood of children, they declared victory/
at least, the thieves celebrating everywhere/
world witnessed similarly scenes under WW II,
Americans saving the plunderers/
the Jews, steal wealth of whole Continent/
and escaped to Tel Aviv, Jew York, Sweden, London, AUSraelia/
like that, looting continues all over Iraq/
general Shurk in Pentagon says;/
"...democratizing continues!"(!!!)/

written by Victoria Miller

Syrian Protesters Attack US Embassy

Windows smashed, graffiti scrawled in response to Robert Ford's visit
Posted by the Associated Press July 11, 2011
Arabs awakened! When then Scandinavians?
Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!

Humanity awakened
U.S. Says Syrian State TV Urged Protesters To Break Into The U.S. Embassy
Grace Wyler | Jul. 11, 2011

Attacks against the U.S. Embassy were encouraged by Syrian state-sponsored television, the U.S. State Department said today.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland confirmed that mobs of protesters loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in Damascus today and attacked the residence of the U.S. ambassador.

The Syrian authorities' response to the attacks was slow and insufficient, Nuland said in a press briefing. She would not directly affirm that the Syrian regime was behind the demonstrations.

"It's the government who is responsible for security and they failed in that mission," she said. "This is all about the Syrian government being unable to understand what is really going on in their country."

No U.S. Embassy staff were injured in the attacks, although the embassy compound was physically damaged.

The U.S. State Department plans to call in Syria's charges d'affaires in Washington today to complain about the attack. The Syrian ambassador to the U.S. is apparently on vacation.

Pro-government demonstrators have been gathering outside of the U.S. and French embassies this weekend to protest the U.S. and French ambassadors recent visit to the besieged city of Hama, the site of the military's bloody crackdown against anti-regime protesters.

To avert the security breach today, French Embassy guards fired live ammunition on the protesters as they smashed windows and raised a Syrian flag above the U.S. embassy compound, according to news reports.

The pro-government protests reflect Assad loyalists growing discontent with U.S. and French support for Syria's opposition movement.

In the past week, U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford has taken an increasingly hardline approach to the Assad regime. In a Facebook note posted yesterday, Ford taking a surprisingly undiplomatic tone, criticizing the regime's handling of both the anti-government protests and the demonstrations in front of the embassy:

"On July 9 a mnhebak group threw rocks at our embassy, causing some damage. They resorted to violence, unlike the people in Hama, who have stayed peaceful. Go look at the Baath or police headquarters in Hama no damage that I saw.

Other protesters threw eggs and tomatoes at our embassy. If they cared about their fellow Syrians the protesters would stop throwing this food at us and donate it to those Syrians who dont have enough to eat. And how ironic that the Syrian Government lets an anti-U.S. demonstration proceed freely while their security thugs beat down olive branch-carrying peaceful protesters elsewhere."

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Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!
Humanity awakened!
Assad loyalists attack embassies
Posted on July 11, 2011
Attackers hoisted the Syrian flag onto the US embassy

Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have attacked the US and French embassies in Damascus.

The US state department accused Syria of failing to protect the embassy and demanded compensation for the damage. No-one was hurt in the incident.

At the French embassy, guards fired into the air after staff were wounded in a similar attack, officials say.

The incidents come after the US and French ambassadors visited the restive central city of Hama last week.

The separate visits which both governments said were meant to express solidarity with the anti-government protesters drew sharp criticism from Damascus.

Pro-government demonstrators have been taking part in protests outside both embassies for the past two days.

The French foreign ministry said three of its employees had been hurt when protesters assaulted the French embassy on Monday.

Security officers fired warning shots to prevent multiple intrusions into the compound, ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said.

The attack, he added, was in breach of international law.

It is not with such illegal methods that the authorities in Damascus will turn the attention away from the fundamental problem, which is to stop the repression of the Syrian population, Mr Valero said.


Meanwhile a US embassy official in Damascus told the BBC that the embassy had come under attack by a mob.

The official said that the Syrian government had given assurances that they would provide adequate protection for the embassy.

But on this occasion, the authorities were slow to respond, he added.
Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!
Israeli embassy in Cairo attacked

September 10, 2011
'Protesters' demolished a wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo on Friday. The wall was put up around the embassy after a 'protester' scaled the wall three weeks ago, and took down the Israeli flag from the building. About 30 protesters then broke into the building and into the embassy itself, tossing documents out the window.

Let's go to the videotape. This is from al-Jazeera Arabic.

Some 'protesters' have claimed that they beat up embassy employees and went through embassy documents.

Mustafa al-Sayyid, 28, said he was one of the 20 protestors who infiltrated the embassy building. He showed the press a clip he took with his cellular phone, in which protestors are seen raiding the embassy and going through documents.

According to Sayyid, he and his friends managed to beat up an Israeli worker before Egyptian soldiers intervened. He said the soldiers removed the protestors from the building but failed to arrest them.


Six security guards and workers, stranded in the building throughout the attack, were rescued early Saturday by an Egyptian commando force and returned to Israel.
Israel's ambassador was flown back to Israel with 80 staff members aboard an Air Force jet early on Saturday. The guards who were trapped inside the embassy returned later. The Egyptians claim that they have caught the 'protesters' and will bring them to trial. But the Egyptians apparently did nothing for hours on Friday, allowing the 'protest' to continue. YNet reports that three protesters will killed and more than 1,000 injured.

The attacks have been condemned by Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States (Is the US leading from behind again? That's the order in which the JPost put the condemnations). But most surprising is this tweet from Bahrain's Foreign Minister.

Humanity awakened!



when the criminals released from prisons of Iraq/
most bloody pedophile ones didn't delay/
to embrace these uniformed human butchers/
Evangelic Jewish coalitioned bastards, followers/
same day he killed two children more/
"I am cleansing Saddam's guards". explained/
when a journalist witnessed him on next deal/
manouvred well, joined plunderer masses of thieves/
the journalists almost took his group's photo/
because he was most active provocator instrument/
on all the cold-bloody scenes, what Big Brother needs/
to manipulate the opinion center of the communities/
most useful traitor like many other willing whores, everywhere/
I saw him when he climbed on Saddam Hussein's/
and other kind of statues in museums/
like a monkey danced on the ruined wealth of the Mesopotamian culture/
"democracy saver army" saved such nonsense actors during looting/
weared American flag/
on an American tank cried/
showed his knife and a handful bloody dollars/
yelled like an true Texas jackal:
"I am an American now/
I love you Bush double U Sharon!..
from and now I am an AmeeeeriiiiiCoww!.."


written by Martin Brandberger

Kick out Israel from the Church!



deputy command Simon Hornywitz said/
"We fight like dogs"/
your wrong, dude/
dogs are more honorable/
than the vermin/
who have been sent/
across the ocean/
to bomb women and children


written by James McCartney



American soldiers drink Coke/
in their air-conditioned Abram-tanks/
meanwhile looting continues/
museum, shops and bank/
crows looting even the hospitals/
chiefs of doctors try to say stop/
when a cynical robber vandalizing the medicines/
of the heavy wounded children/
sergeant Aaron Hornywitz smiling and say stop/
to the crying doctor


written by Paula Bradley



Ghurka soldiers of imperial coalition/
killed each other, just now, again/
this kind of massacre/
nicknamed "friendly fire"/
the command who fourth time/
ordered such "friendly" barbarity/
nicknamed " master droger Ehud"/
outlawed son of/
ecstasy homo-whore servant Abraham/
and admiral Amfetamin Aaron/


written by Charles Morgan

Kick out Israel from the EU institutions!

Humanity awakened!



the hidden weapons of mass delusion/
declared by the resistance Arab leader Saddam Hussein/
maybe it'll schock you, now/
ingredients of this "thing"; also,/
was simply one litter stink by Bushy double WC/
beyond this kinky, Tory BLiar 250 gr/
100 gr swinishly mucus of Human Butcher Sharon/
90 gr coaliton's boss of Western weapon markets/
composed with urines of all the lapdogs, shurk satellites/
simply, it was the secret great shit complex/
what all the druged authorities eat it desirous, labelled/
mass-medial lies on Iraq's weapon of mass-destruction


it's completely forbidden to declare the truth/
'cause mass-falsification is the Judaic tradition/
official history is already one of the monopoly of jackals/
most advanced and exposed Zionist freakness since WW II


Tim Timerson

Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!

Humanity awakened!



wow, it was the top secret!!!/
the world been betrayed again by the Zionist imperialism/
Iraq case is a living evidence
the truth prohibited/
system produces its own redactors/
insist not explain the truth/
falsification is ground rule of Judaic tradition/
already we study fake history at the faculties/
what produced by the Zionist imperialism/
these jackals who living by industries of massacres/
advanced on falsary/
most experienced since WW II


Tim Timmerson





vad fan/
happened with that pursued man/
like many others, who counted in the oppressed cathegories/
regime-critics in community/
a lot of them, you still witness there and here/
but "no comments" says the redactional hypocrisy/
Swedish Kingdom sets on the top on such shitty cases/
like many other shurk-satellites/
systematical progressive process/
Ernst Rainer/
disapepared without a trace/
do you understand; this is not a ballon, this is the human, a man/
faan, man frsvann/
just after 1-May Working Class ceremionies 2003/
firstly his archive was been attacked by the ZOG/
there is a clear casuality/
when you know about his war/
listen to the people about his saga so called "Red Gaevle-worker"/
meantime the enemy of human-being produces falsification/
beyond EU mask/
because these officially thieves need/
privatisation&looting on legalized way/
specially on the top hypocrites/
there are a lot of doggies&piggies/
Ulrica MESSING and her pimps/
and beyond these whores we see top cowards/

Free Speech Fighter Ernst Rainer HOLM/
disappeared retired,/
so-called "Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-EU corrupt,/
maybe therefore/
punished, "cleansed" the Red Gaevle-worker/
he was braveheart and absolutely therefore/
been disappeared without a trace,/
but the Working Class will never forget him/
remember how he succeed to fuck the whore Evangelic Fascists/
Ulrica MESSING`s pimps,/
yes, she is one of the famous ridiculous/
scoundrel Mammele of ZOGang/
clan member of Jewish financial weapon handler lobbies/

beyond such affairs/
beyond freak polit-whores/
we see the enemy of future/
the profiters of USrael's weapon markets/
militarized maffia/
its collaborators/
nonchalansed actors/
and therefore Ernst Rainer HOLM/
and many others, many Comrados/
still disappear without a trace...

*) In Memoriam Free Speech Fighter Ernst Rainer Holm, who disappeared (!)... Comrat Rainer was born 1940, criticized corrupt-cases and hypocrisy of the EU, struggled as a famous braveheart ... I continue in Svekish language, also; comrades fought bravely against fifflet & EU's dubbelstandard and "collaboration" with the imperialist Zionist lobby. In the "hardened oppress and pursuement process", he became a disablement pension. He insisted to struggle aganinst all the fascist shurks ... Well, he used the Internet became the "exposed" makthavandena very aggressive ... Swedish authorities showed completely different attitude "instead demokracal because principals' ... Justice, which handled the occupied Middle East and Rainer self became hard punished instead the true crimimnals. Those who misused
people `s wealth proved to good to steal Rainer's pension too; through biased ugly judge-prosecutor-league went Rainer's salary to the zionist fascists. His wonderful archive was been attacked and then he disappeared (!) Wednesday mystiscal way just after 1 May Working Class celebration in 2003.

written by Tomas H

...copied from the antifascist antologie: Laponian protest poetry
Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!

Humanity awakened!

-last minute's news by the poetry power for peace-


the hidden weapons of mass delusion/
declared by the Arab resistance leader braveheart Saddam Hussein/
maybe his declaration schock you, now/
ingredients of this "subject"; also,/
was simply one liter stink by Bushy double WC/
beyond this kinky, Tory BLiar 250 gr/
100 gr swinishly mucus of Human Butcher Sharon/
90 gr coaliton's boss of Western weapon markets/
compozed with urines of all the lapdogs, shurk satellites/
like Berlusconi's brain, it was the top secret sh'it complex/
what all the druged authorities eat it desirous, labeled/
mass-medial lies on Iraq's weapon of mass-destruction


but, it's already completely forbidden to declare the truth/

'cause mass-falsification is the Judaic tradition/ official
history looks like a kind of the political whore/
one of the monopoly by liberal market of jackals/
most advanced and exposed Zionist freakness since WW II


written by Tim Timerson

(second version for Musicians/Music Chorus of Working Class/Revolutionary movements etc.)

you believe that a word means what it says/
it means like "Alice in Wonderland"/
you take the Human Rights seriously/
you want know why the imperialists have tolerance to the Jewish racists/
you want know the reason why the Jews hate you/
when you say "there is only race, the human race"/
you want know why "targeted killings" are not assassinations/
you want know how occupational Imperialists force the oppressed people/
became the "suicide bombings heroes"/
you're uncertain why people who have never been slaves/
and have been given privileges/
and rights denied to you get away with invoking the legacy of slavery/
you're confused by the separation of church/ and state in America/
and the massive subsidization of the theocratic mafia power of USrael/
American civil rights laws baffle you/ in light of Western's blind support of USrael/
and its "true Holocaust process on the occupied areas"/
you can't quite grasp how exactly racial conflicts/ driven by the oligarchical power/
you don't know how forced "Jewish controlled integration",/
forced bussing, forced racial selected recruitments/
and the denial of basic property rights/
and social interaction are "freedom"/
you're at a loss to explain how the alleged premeditated murder of/
any fascist Jews is any more morally repugnant/
than the premeditated murder
of tens of millions of people/
you're unemployed/
under employed and over-taxed/
and you can draw the connection/
to "open borders lobby" of Bushy bullshit shurks/
you believe in the "equal" applications of principles and standards to everyone/
you see our record budget deficits,/
depression-era economy, record trade deficits/
and record national and personal debt/
and don't know where the billions we give away to USrael come from/
you get a sick feeling in your stomach/ when you see a beautiful child/
like a flower of the occupied Middle East being "defiled"/ and
commodified by the ZOGang/
you don't bother to "vote" because deep down in your heart/
you know the whole political process/
in this country is a charade and a farce/
you've lost hope because you have a pervasive sense/
that anything of real meaning/
and authenticity has long ago been stripped, denuded/
and debased to the level of an "infomercial"/
you can't understand how things/
that are so "meaningless" have come to be all that matter,/
yet things that define what it means to be a human being/
have been trivialized into irrelevance or outright political incorrectness/
somewhere deep inside yourself you feel privileged/
and special because you're unarmed between jackals/
you want working class back/
you don't know how it came to be/
that fist-fucking replaced "reading, writing & arithmetic."/
you don't know how it's possible/
that you can go to any magazine stand on any street corner in any city/
and buy newspapers or magazines covering every topic imaginable,/
from hang gliding to bestiality,/
yet you will never ever find anything/ even remotely expressing anything/
approaching Anti-Imperialist consciousness/
you can't reconcile being told/
that you're living in the land of the free yet your political system,/
your economy, your foreign policy, your culture civilization/
and destiny are in the control of/
and at the mercy of a hostile alien minority/
like Laponians-Indians-Palestinians/
you're told that this is the home of the brave but all you see/
is an imperial mercenary taxing you blind/
and reigning MOAB bombs down on women/
and children in the name/
and for the benefit of a foreign nation whose agents have infiltrated/
and bought-off the Federal Government/
and then celebrating "victory" over goat herders/
that we've spent the last ten years embargoing/ and in generally reducing to the Stone Age/
you're capable of thinking for the future on honored mankind/
and performed civilization/
you sometimes look at the television/
like its an electronic version of "Chucky"/
in conclusion, you are an anti-Semite if you're a gentile/
what ADL&Mo$$ad files described/

written by Paolo Martinez

Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!

Humanity awakened!


Following is the first half of a poem attributed to Saddam Hussein, as transcribed and translated by The New York Times from a reading by his cousin Muayed Dhamin al-Hazza.
(Baathists Bloom, Enemy Is Hollow)...


Unbind your soul. It is my soul mate and you are my souls beloved./
No house could have sheltered my heart as you have /
If I were that house, you would be its dew /
You are the soothing breeze /
My soul is made fresh by you/
And our Baath Party blossoms like a branch turns green. /
The medicine does not cure the ailing but the white rose does./
The enemies set their plans and traps /
And proceeded despite the fact they are all faulty./
It is a plan of arrogance and emptiness /
It will prove to be nothing but defeated /
We break it as rust devours steel /
Like a sinner consumed by his sins/
We never felt weak /
We were made strong by our morals./
Our honorable stand, the companion of our soul,/
The enemies forced strangers into our sea /
And he who serves them will be made to weep./
Here we unveil our chests to the wolves /
And will not tremble before the beast. /
We fight the most difficult challenges /
And beat them back, God willing. /
How would they fare under such strains?/
All people, we never let you down /
And in catastrophes, our party is the leader./
I sacrifice my soul for you and for our nation/
Blood is cheap in hard times /
We never kneel or bend when attacking/
But we even treat our enemy with honor...

Saddam Husain Al-MAJIDI
"The Truth is Anti-Semitic"-introduction: Sciences of Dialectic-Materialism/lesson-1

Muslim awakening against Jewish Racist Imperialism NWO!


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Bye Bye Bush! God Bless Us Everyone!!


2nd track
New Christmas Song
Jingle Bear Boogie Free Download Here
Yes Virginia, we can still wish for a Merry Christmas! "Bye Bye Bush"

By Concerned Citizens

MP3 Sample here

Available at Apple iTunes

Bye Bye Bush
Music: Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
Words: Charles Tapp

Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye emptiness
Hello prosperous, I think we're gonna fly.
Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye jobs abroad
Hello end of fraud, I think we're gonna fly. No more of their lies

There goes Dick Cheney and his oil buddies
Corporate corruption, and corporate greed
This record deficit, since they stepped in
Social security, the light is dim

Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye emptiness
Hello prosperous, I think we're gonna fly.
Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye jobs abroad
Hello end of fraud, I think we're gonna fly. No more of their lies

We paid his salary, and it's a shame
With this economy, going down the drain
What is the reason, we are at war
Let's end the madness, show him the door

Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye emptiness
Hello prosperous, I think we're gonna fly.
Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye jobs abroad
Hello end of fraud, I think we're gonna fly. No more of their lies
Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye Emptiness
Hello prosperous, I think we're gonna fly.
Bye Bye Bush, Bye Bye jobs abroad
Hello end of fraud, I think we're gonna fly. No more of their lies

Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye Bye Dub!

The melody of "Bye Bye Love" has been licensed
from House Of Bryant Publications.

Illustration: Mike Luckovich Atlanta Journal Constitution By
Concerned Citizens

Alec Fuhrman on Guitar
Steve Evans on Bass and
Charles Tapp on Vocals, Keyboards and Drums

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Flashback info still hunting the global J-virus; Flashback is the biggest one of courageous links, demasking the two-legged Zionist-Jewish beast
Molly E. HOLZSCHLAG-master provocateur on Internet, persecuting and operating from USA, hunting Zionist virus worldwide

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You are Anti-Semite/
if you say the Truth!
You are National Socialist/
if you show the Truth!

Posted on 10/09/2011 by KGS

Activists who spearheaded an uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak on February 11 have been piling pressure on the ruling military council to fix a date for parliamentary and presidential elections and to get rid of senior officials who served under Mubarak.

Thousands converged on Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the pro-democracy protests that toppled Mubarak, after Friday prayers for what was billed as Correcting the Path protests.

Some later marched to the opposite bank of the Nile in Giza. Demonstrators used hammers, large iron bars and police barricades to tear down the wall, erected this month by Egyptian authorities after daily protests over the killing of five Egyptian border guards in Sinai.

Protesters scaled the embassy building, removed the Israeli flag for the second time in less than a month and burned it.

Gizas police chief said that two police vehicles were set alight near the Israeli embassy building during the protests. State television said four police vehicles were set on fire.

This action shows the state of anger and frustration the young Egyptian revolutionaries feel against Israel especially after the recent Israeli attacks on the Egyptian borders that led to the killing of Egyptian soldiers, Egyptian political analyst Nabil Abdel Fattah told Reuters.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Avc le Che GUEVARA! Struggle until VICTORY...that they didnt finish the job! Revolution continues! Cleansing up the Jewish virus from Humanity!
Kick out Military Mafia Israel from the institutions!

Humanity awakened!

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CopyrightTv Independent Laponia///Banned books tv arranged series/All rights reserved///International English language version of literature: Poesie/Pax la Humana/Banned books nr.193

Zionist Crimes against Humanity:

Stop all above films, so you can listen to byebyebushsam

ARAB AWAKENING / It's incredible largely MUSLIM UPRISING Worldwide...and now it's the turn of the Euro American peoples too be awakened so wonderfully revolutionary struggle against NWO! Humanbeing shall overcome the Zionist virus!

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